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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"" Audrey Hepburn.


What We Do:

What is CrossFit? The book definition of CrossFit is that which optimizes fitness through constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Well… you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, that sounds interesting but what does it really mean?” Well, let’s start with the heart of the definition and build around it. The word “functional” is at the heart of CrossFit.

At KW CrossFit, you will not be doing barbell curls, you will not be doing leg presses, you will not be doing lat pull downs…those movements are not functional. They do not translate into anything functional in your daily life. One step into KW CrossFit and it will be clear…this gym is different. There are no machines because YOU are the machine!


CrossFit is Functional:

  • CrossFit involves squats…you squat many times during the day, like when you go from sitting to standing.
  • Crossfit involves pressing things away from your body…a movement repeated in your daily routine.
  • CrossFit involves strengthening your core (your abdominals, hip flexors, and lower and mid-back muscles)…the core is one of the keys to maintaining a high functioning existence!
  • Squats, pressing, core strength are all functional in your daily life.

When you combine these functional movements within a varied and highly intense workout, you produce a level of fitness that translates into increased lean muscle mass, increased strength, increased stamina, and an overall increase in wellness.


Our Philosophy:

At KW CrossFit, we believe that CrossFit not only promotes wellness, but that it also promotes a community. You will not just come in, workout and go home. You will meet people who are doing the same thing as you…trying to make their life better. We have found that through sharing your joys and sharing your struggles with others, you relieve stress, you enjoy your day more, you just feel better.

At KW CrossFit, we also believe that our talents and assets can be used to better the lives of not only ourselves, but also of those who are less fortunate. The CrossFit Community is known for its “giving back”. There are large, global benefits throughout the year for different causes, such as “Barbells for Boobs” that raises money for breast cancer.

There are also smaller, more local benefits. For example, KW Crossfit is committed to a project where the owners are building a school and community center in rural Haiti. At KW Crossfit, we are committed to giving back to the larger community, and we encourage our members to educate each other and the management at KW CrossFit about different causes to support.

KW Crossfit recognizes that the needs of an 80 year old person, a child, a fireman, a stay-at-home parent, or a working individual are all different, but we believe there are no excuses. EVERYONE can do CrossFit…yes EVERYONE. Regardless of age, gender, or body type, CrossFit is infinitely scalable. Thus, everyone can and will do the same workout – it may just be a little different for some folks.


KW CrossFit Mission:

To promote wellness – both physically and mentally – in a supportive, community atmosphere built on camaraderie through competition and the sharing of our talents with communities in need.


KW Crossfit is for you if you:

  • Aren’t seeing results from your current workout
  • Are bored with your current routine & are looking for something different
  • Are looking for a community in addition to a place to workout
  • Don’t like the impersonal “Globo-gyms”
  • Want to find a way to get stronger or faster for your primary sport
  • Think that you don’t have time to exercise


Who We Serve:

KW CrossFit is a diverse set of people including the young, middle-age and masters. It includes teachers, students, stay-at-home mom’s, professionals, elite athletes and people who have decided to try a structured exercise program for the first time ever. Regardless of what your background is, training at KW CrossFit can benefit you!

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