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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"" Audrey Hepburn.

Dave Talmage


Dave Talmage

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Level 2 Certified

CrossFit Strongman Certified

CrossFit Endurance Certified

Born and raised here in Central Ohio, I was an extremely active kid. I’ve participated in almost every sport you can imagine. Throughout high school I found I had a passion for Cross Country, Swimming and Track and Field and was a three letter Varsity athlete.

After high school I spent my spare time volunteering as an Assistant Head Coach of a local high school swim team. While at the same time attending Ohio University and earning my BS of Journalism.

A few short years ago when I was back on summer break my best friend Brandon, a CrossFitter and ranked Strongman Competitor, introduced me to my first CrossFit workout. A longer metcon with running and kettlebells, so I thought, “ I got this, no problem”. Shortly after starting I found myself gasping for air and fighting the urge to throw up that mornings breakfast. I could tell something was vastly different in the training of CrossFit athletes compared to what I had traditionally known. From that moment, I knew that I had found something that could fuel my competitive nature.

I began to CrossFit everyday for about a year. I began to clean the gym after hours just so I could come in and train with the athletes and soon found that I had a lot to learn. At the time I had decided to enlist in the Navy. I spent the next few months training CrossFit everyday in preparation and found that I had not only gotten in the best shape of my life, I was selected to enlist as a Special Warfare Operator Candidate. My lifelong dream.

I attended and graduated the United States Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School and shortly after was sent to Coronado, California for Basic Underwater Demolition School. I’ve never enjoyed suffering as much as I did during training. I loved the physical and mental challenges faced every day. Very similar, but more extreme versions of what I had felt in the gym the months leading up. However, during training I sustained injuries to both my shoulder and hips, which eventually led to my honorable separation from the Navy. After months of recovery and my reintroduction to CrossFit, along with the support of friends and family, I found myself getting healthier and stronger again. I owe my recovery to CrossFit and the community who surrounded me.

CrossFit has been a rock over the years, and I love the constant physical and mental challenges you face everyday. You succeed because others around you want to succeed. I’ve never been around a more driven group of people, people that come from all walks of life, working together to support each other and reach a new level of functional fitness.

Over the past few years I decided to attain my CrossFit L-1. I’ve also had a huge fascination with Strongman training and love the incorporation in the sport of CrossFit. A few months ago I decided to also attend the CrossFit Strongman Trainer course taught by Rob Orlando and his Hybrid Athletics crew.

Everyday brings new challenges and I feel blessed to be able to coach and train with some of the strongest people around here at KW CrossFit. I am extremely excited to continue to learn more and strive to improve the lives of every individual that walks through these doors.