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November 19th, 2015





The workout for HaitiWOD 15.4

Event 4 (12 am, November 16th to 6 pm, November 22nd)

Event 4 has a 10:00 minute cap and two scored events. The first event will be for time. The last movement involves performing a one rep maximum.

All Athletes

1000 meter row

in the remaining time, the athlete will perform a one rep max ground-to-overhead


  • Movement begins with the rowing handle in the cradle and athletes hands behind their head. The rowing screen may be set up for distance or to just row but no meters should be rowed before the timer starts. When time begins, the athlete may commence rowing. The movement ends when the athlete completes 100o meters. Record Time

Ground to Overhead

  • The movement will start with the athlete loading an empty bar to their desired starting weight. The execution of the movement will start with the bar on the ground and end with the bar locked out overhead and shoulders, hips, and knees all in line and under control as efficiently as possible for each rep.  This is typically performed as either a Power Snatch, Power Clean and Jerk or Power Clean and Push Press.
  • The athlete can take as many attempts as possible and weight can be added or removed as needed.

Scoring – There are two, separate, scoring events in this last workout. You will record your 1000 meter row time and your one rep max ground-to-overhead within the 10 minute time cap. If you redo this workout, you must record both scores again. So, for example, if you redo the workout and get a better time on your row but a lower ground-t0-overhead score, you must submit both of those scores together. You can not pick your best time/score on separate tries.


rest 5 min


During that time reduce your GTO max rep by 50%

then perform:


5 min AMRepAP:

9 DL

6 PCL & J

2 Muscles ups (2 CTB pull ups)

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