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August 26th, 2014



Back squats

Do the following with 90 sec rest

5 reps at 40%

5 reps at 50%

3 reps at 60%

Do the following with 3:00 min rest

3 reps at 80%

3 reps at 85%

3 reps at 90%



Partner Workout


P1 and P2 hang on bar, P1 does t2b while P1 hangs, when P1 is done, P2 goes while P1 hangs. Must accumulate 50 T2B. If any one drops off bar, both must do 5 burpees

P1 and P2 do partner situps by locking legs. Accumulate 50 situps

P1 and P2 accumulate 50 total thrusters (95/65). Bar can not touch ground or it is a 5 burpee penalty

P1 and P2 run 800. Must come in together for time to stop.



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