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September 13th, 2015


“Painstorm Redux”

In 15 min complete the most unbroken reps of the following movements:


DL (rx+ 115/75)(rx 95/65)(ms/jr 75/55)



Shoulder to Overhead


  • All 5 movements together constitute a set.
  • e.g. if you choose three reps, you must do 3 reps of each movement for a complete set
  • With the exception of the cleans, the bar can not hit the floor until the set is complete
  • rest as needed between attempts/sets
  • score highest rep count for a completed set


rest 5 min


Pull-up/dip complex

OTM X 10

X of strict pull ups/ X of strict dips

  • X = number of pullups/dips you can maintain on the minute

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