Amanda Feola

Amanda Feola

KW Fitness – Owner

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Level 2 Certified

ISSA Personal Trainer Certified

Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science

Eat To Perform Certified Nutrition Coach

I was born in Philadelphia, but spent most of my life growing up here in Cincinnati. I have always been involved in sports and love being physically active. Most of this time (up through high school) was devoted to softball. I loved the team aspect of it, the competition and the weight training.

After high school I no longer played softball but was still dedicated to working out and taking care of my body. I spent hours a day in the gym and was constantly following/researching any and every meal plan/diet to help me achieve my goals and what I thought was ideal health. I continued this through college, which I was attending at the University of Cincinnati.

From the time I was 16 years old I was working in the restaurant/food industry, so I was always aware of “Healthy” and “Non-Healthy” foods. At that time I knew “Health” was about eating right and working out – aka – calories in vs. calories out, and foods lower in fat had less calories, therefore will result in weight loss. I loved that when people had questions about losing weight, getting stronger & eating better, they came to me. It was then that I decided to go back to school, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science and then became certified as a personal trainer.

As a full time Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach, I loved what I was doing and passionate about helping others, but eventually I became “burned out” myself from my monotonous routine hugely lacking variety, largely emphasizing comfort, and the fact I stopped seeing any real change. A friend set me up with a previous personal trainer of his at a local CrossFit Box. I was humbled, defeated & hooked at my first intro session over three years ago and have never looked back. This continues to be a huge part of my life, I look forward to working out again, I continue to change and challenge myself, and most important I am part of a community that has now become family. This experience has changed my entire approach to working out and the approach I use to train my clients.

Shortly after becoming a CrossFit member, the box held a “Whole30 Challenge.” With my background in nutrition, my first thought was this was going to be easy. After reading all the information provided, I quickly changed my mind and thought it was a joke. This “diet” took EVERYTHING I learned in school about nutrition and basically threw it out the door! I finally decided to give it a try since everyone else was doing it, knowing I would return to my “normal” way of eating once it was over. At the end of the challenge, I was absolutely amazed with not only how my body looked, but how it felt and the relationship I now have with food. I then became obsessed with discovering why this worked and how I can teach others to incorporate this way of eating into their lifestyle in a way that would make sense without being too overwhelming.

I then went on to obtain my CrossFit L-1, not having a strong background/understanding of Olympic lifting, I wanted to improve my own technique and be able to safely teach others.

I absolutely love that I have been given the opportunity to coach, train alongside, teach and just be a part of such a positive and inspiring community. I look forward to being a part of the growth that the future has to bring!