Caleb Farrell

Meet Caleb


CrossFit L-1


I grew up in Cincinnati, I played many sports growing up and also had two brothers. They toughened me up throughout the years. I’m currently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati where I’m studying business.

How I got into CrossFIt

My brother was the one that got me into CrossFit. It was the summer going into my Freshman year of high school when I began. I feel in love immediately and have been doing it ever since.

Why do you coach?

The reason I coach is because I want people to fall in love with working out like I did. I want their hour class at the gym to be one of the best parts of their day.

What do you do outside of KW-CrossFit?

Outside the gym I enjoy being with friends and family. I like hanging out playing video games with buddies as well as golfing and spectating sporting events.