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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"" Audrey Hepburn.

Rob Reed

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CrossFit Level 1 Certified

USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certified

I was born and raised here in Cincinnati. I played baseball in the summers as a kid but was always less interested in organized sports and more interested in testing my “relationship with gravity”: climbing things, balancing on things, jumping off things, seeing how far or high or long or fast I could do something, etc. This eventually led to an interest in and eventual passion for skateboarding. For me, it was a perfect mix of athleticism and excitement that I didn’t get from other sports.

As a teenager, after several years of only concentrating on skateboarding, I started to gain more of an interest in mainstream sports. When I got to high school I decided to give football a try and fell in love with it, both the sport and the weight training and conditioning work that went with it. I was even fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play football in college.

After college I struggled to make time and find motivation to workout consistently in the “real world”. I had always enjoyed the offseason training for football, but without a sport to train for or coaches to keep me accountable it became very easy to find reasons to take the day off from exercise. And when I did make it to the gym I had no clue what to do despite all the hours I had spent conditioning and lifting weights for football. This lack of direction turned my gym visits into wasted time and, worst of all, NO FUN. The search for fun forms of exercise eventually led me back to skateboarding with an occasional 5k or gym visit thrown in for good measure.

In July 2008 I suffered a knee injury that required surgery and about a year of rehabilitation. Then, in November 2009, our son was born and I spent the next couple of years adjusting to parenthood. Exercise became a distant memory along with consistent sleep and healthy eating and I reluctantly started to settle into my mid-thirties just like many of my friends and coworkers had: overweight, out of shape and unhappy.

At some point during this time I heard “CrossFit” mentioned on more than one occasion. I spent quite a bit of time snooping around on the CrossFit website and YouTube to see what all the fuss was about. Finally, after a couple of years on the fence, trying to do the workouts on my own, I pulled the trigger and signed up for foundations classes at a CrossFit gym. I did my first official CrossFit workout at an affiliate on January 3rd, 2013. At the time, I had no idea how that day would change the rest of my life.

Over the next couple of years I developed a passion for CrossFit. Not only did it offer the mix of athletics and excitement I’ve always gravitated towards, it was FUN! Its philosophy and methodology interested me to the point where I couldn’t read enough articles or watch enough videos in an effort to get better at it. I eventually decided to take the next step and get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification. Shortly thereafter I joined KW Fitness and was given the opportunity to coach classes.


I’ve found, as most do, that CrossFit is so much more than just an exercise regimen, and KW Fitness amplifies the benefits of CrossFit:

Motivation – Whether a person is seeking a competitive outlet or just wants to get in a good workout a couple times a week, training with others who are working hard and giving everything they have lights a fire under everyone involved.

Community – There’s not much better bonding in this world than “camaraderie through shared toil”. Pushing through challenges and overcoming obstacles with others and then talking and laughing about it afterwards brings everyone closer. “Gym buddies” eventually become best friends and an extended family.

Family – Nothing is more important to me than my family. The family-friendly atmosphere and CrossFit Kids classes at KW allow me to share CrossFit with my entire family.

Satisfaction – Regardless if a person is an aspiring CrossFit Games competitor or has decided to get in shape for the first time in their life, it takes exactly zero talent to work hard. Knowing you left everything on the floor during a workout does wonders for the soul and for your life both inside and outside the gym. And for me personally, as a coach, being able to help people break through their own fitness barriers and see the “lightbulb come on” with movements and skills is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever experienced.