Our Special CrossFitters


At KW CrossFit we are proud to say we are a group of ordinary people with outstanding qualities. We believe that most people have the capability of doing CrossFit because of its infinite scalability. This capability goes from your top athlete into your gym to those with special needs. We, at KW, were recently honored to have some “special athletes” visit us from Starfire of Cincinnati. “Starfire is a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities. The data is clear; people with disabilities grow increasingly lonely and isolated as adults. Working with one person at a time, Starfire connects people to relationships and uncovers a person’s talents and passions – so they can thrive in their communities alongside their neighbors.” (Starfire’s website

Above you see some of those special people who came in, exercised, and had a great time. It was wonderful to see the smiles on their faces as they completed their individual workouts. They were so excited to share their accomplishments and give high fives to each other and to us. Seeing this truly makes you feel blessed about what you have in life but it is even more of a blessing knowing you have made someone’s day or life better in some small way.