Absolutely, my life is better

Absolutely, my life is better because of KW Crossfit in so many ways. Yes, I have more endurance and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, but my life is better because of the amazing coaches and members that I get to work out with daily. My KW community is one I would describe as fun, friendly, passionate and positive, POSItive, POSITIVE! The atmosphere is family friendly, there are group gatherings outside the gym, the coaches and the members support each other by attending competitions even when not competing. The members push and encourage each other, and are very welcoming.

Personally, I am consistently challenged to push my limits and give my best effort during each workout. Besides becoming a better athlete, I am encouraged to be a better human being, by fostering a more caring and giving society. This is one of my favorite place to be, no questions asked!!!


KW CrossFit has been an

KW CrossFit has been an amazing experience. The support from the coaches and all the members makes it very easy to continue. There is never any pressure to do anything you are uncomfortable with. I never thought that I could achieve what I have with CrossFit and don’t know of a better place to be other than KW. Try it out and you will be surprised at what you can do.

Joe Cornella

KW Crossfit has filled a

KW Crossfit has filled a void that I have felt since my days playing college basketball. KW and every person that walks in to the gym becomes one of my teammates that I can compete alongside and encourage to make that workout the best one it can be. When I walk in the door I am able to leave everything else behind and just focus on what I can do that day, physically and mentally. I am constantly challenged, humbled, pushed and encouraged to leave nothing left in the tank and give it all I have. It is a true gift. My kids are able to see what hard work looks like and that their mom is strong and not afraid to try something new. KW truly improves every area of my life and I am grateful for it.


I like KW because it

I like KW because it is an AWESOME community and everyone there encourages me. The workouts are fun and I am getting stronger every day.


KW Crossfit is the most

KW Crossfit is the most supportive, positive, and fun crossfit gym that I have trained at. Every time I walk in I know that I will be able to have fun while achieving my goals. KW Crossfit has played a huge role in me accomplishing my goals, specifically competing at the elite level of Crossfit. I love it’s community and I am so thankful because they have encouraged me on bad days and good days, kept me thinking positive, and helped me reach my goals. I appreciate the welcoming community, the coaches and the way they help me become better every single day, and all the friends that I have made during my time there.

Maggie Pairan

KW has given me an

KW has given me an entirely new perspective on health and fitness. I have always stayed active and worked out, but going to the gym became monotonous and unfulfilling. I stopped seeing changes and I hit a plateau. After joining KW I quickly became reinvigorated as I learned about the crossfit world and my body would be “positively” sore every single day. Each day is different and you might leave feeling like a rock star or you might leave feeling humbled.
The community of members is the greatest. Regardless of age, gender or ability, everyone provides support and encouragement while also balancing healthy competition. The coaches are knowledgeable, professional and fun; pushing the right buttons to get the best out of us.
I’m very grateful that I found KW and I look forward to leaving the box exhausted after a workout, knowing I pushed myself and others pushed me.

Eric Chesson

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