About Us

CrossFit is functional movements that are constantly varied performed at relative high intensity. In each workout, you will be combining all elements of fitness together into one including Bodyweight, Endurance, Gymnastics, Strength Training, and Olympic Lifting.

Who are we?

KW Fitness is a diverse set of people including the young, middle-age and masters. It includes teachers, students, stay-at-home mom’s, professionals, elite athletes and people who have decided to try a structured exercise program for the first time ever. Regardless of your background, training at KW Fitness can benefit you!

CrossFit is Functional:

CrossFit involves squats…you squat many times during the day, like when you go from sitting to standing.

Crossfit involves pressing things away from your body…a movement repeated in your daily routine.

CrossFit involves strengthening your core (your abdominals, hip flexors, and lower and mid-back muscles)…the core is one of the keys to maintaining a high functioning existence!

Squats, pressing, core strength are all functional in your daily life.

When you combine these functional movements within a varied and highly intense workout, you produce a level of fitness that translates into increased lean muscle mass, increased strength, increased stamina, and an overall increase in wellness.

KW Fitness Mission:

To promote wellness – both physically and mentally – in a supportive, community atmosphere built on camaraderie through competition.

KW Fitness is for you if you:

Aren’t seeing results from your current workout

Are bored with your current routine & are looking for something different

Are looking for a community in addition to a place to workout

Don’t like the impersonal “Globo-gyms”

Want to find a way to get stronger or faster for your primary sport

Think that you don’t have time to exercise

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